At IDACA, we have always been concerned with the difficult topic of breast cancer. That is why we offer digital mammograms and tomosynthesis, the most important examinations to prevent and detect the disease at its early stage.

A mammogram is the radiological study of the breast gland, or simply put, a radiography of the breasts. It is the only study that help physicians diagnose breast cancer at stages too early to be palpable, which makes it the worldwide-approved method in the detection of the disease.

IDACA was the first center to offer Tomosynthesis, a technique that allows the reconstruction of breast tissue from CT scan images, creating a 3D image in only 4 seconds. This study applies less compression force to the patient’s breast, which means a more comfortable and less painful exam.

In order to offer a more complete service to our patients, we perform breast ultrasound scans, that complements the mammogram.

Patient Information


To perform the mammogram, the patient will have to take off all top clothing and put on a hospital gown that will be provided by the nurse. In the mammography room, the technician will gently tell you how you should be positioned with the device . Then , the technician will place your right breast on the surface where the compression will be done, followed by the left breast. The whole examination takes around 10 minutes.

The routine examination requires at least 2 projections of each breast. These images are evaluated by a specialist, and depending of the results, the doctor will decide if more projections or a complementary ultrasound scan is required.

During the compression, The patient will be asked to hold breathing for a few seconds while she receives a bearable amount of pressure that lasts a few seconds too. If there are any concerns, the patient should inform the technician who will gently help them.


On the day of the examination, the patient cannot be wearing body creams, talcum powder or deodorant in the area of breast or armpits. It is recommended to schedule the appointment when not presenting pain in the breast due to the PMS syndrome.

On the day of the test, all patients must bring a medical order signed by their physician, the previous studies if th ere were any, and comfortable clothes with no metal pieces, such as sweat pants . Items such as bracelets, watches, earrings, jewels and piercings are forbidden.

All these suggestions will make the examination easier and reduce the wait time.


The mammogram is a safe method. Its viability has been confirmed worldwide after many medical studies. Th e examination exposes the patients to low radiation doses (0.3 rads). Therefore, it is not possible – in well calibrated units- to introduce any type of pathology as a result of the radiation received during the routine mammogram practiced throughout the lifetime.


It is mandatory to bring the medical order on the day of the examination.

The mammograms are performed by order of arrival from Mondays to Fridays, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturdays by appointment.


Being a woman is the factor that predisposes the most. Even though there are other known factors, only one in four patients present two or more risk factors that lead to the development of the cancer.

Risk factors that we cannot modify:

Personal record of breast cancer

Family background of breast cancer

Gender: one man out of 100 women suffering from breast cancer is affected by the sickness.

Age: there is slight raise in the incidence from the age of 50.

Menarche (early pubertal timing)

Late menopause (after the age of 50)

Nulliparity (lack of pregnancy)

Risk factors we can modify: Lifestyle


Obesity and diets full on saturated fat

Excessive consumption of alcohol

No breastfeeding.

Sedentary lifestyle

The use of oral contraceptives for long a time, even though research has proven it depends on the type of contraceptive used. There are modern alternatives that are very safe.


The mammogram is the only method available worldwide to most women to prevent breast cancer. Aside from this examination, there are other efficient methods like the auto-examination and annual medical evaluations

Talk with your treating doctor

Access to quality medicine is a basic human right. Breast cancer is a painful reality and we can fight and beat it successfully.

For Physicians

In our Women’s Service Area, we have Hologic equipment, a brand with worldwide recognition for its preciseness and quality in the breast diagnosis.

The Selenia Dimensions 2D-3D digital mammogram with Tomosynthesis technology is the most technological advance d in terms of mammograms. Besides generating 2D ordinaries images, Selenia Dimensions can make 15 1-millimeter projections through the continuous move of the x-rays tube that is rotated 15°. As a result, this process delivers defined images of the breast that allows the doctor to observe the totality of the breast tissue for a better and more precise diagnosis.

In a 2D mammogram, the d octors can only see the image from one angle because the structures that are superimposed restricts the doctor perceiving any benign or malign sign.